Covid-19 Vaccine Info

Great news!  Kidology Pediatrics is now a vaccine center for patients to receive their Covid-19 vaccine.  You do NOT need to be a registered patient at this office to receive your vaccine here.  

The vaccine will be available for 12 years and older, and 5-11 years old, and 6months-4 years. We have both Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines available. 

Please use the sign up link below to get your child on the schedule, and let us know if they need the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.  :) If they are getting their first vaccine, we can help you choose if needed.

 We will be doing covid vaccines during "vaccine clinic days"  only to prevent wasting any doses (Thursdays and Saturdays)  Feel free to call our office (248-654-6499) or shoot us an email ([email protected]) if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

Covid Vaccine Sign Up Link 

We previously were using a "Sign Up Genius" to schedule covid vaccines, but now have the ability to schedule online through our electronic medical record.  If you have any issues scheduling during this transition time, give us a call and we can help you :)

(see screen shot below for instructions on how to use the sign up)

Covid vaccine sign up screen

Our new system will ask for insurance information.  This is not needed because we will not bill your insurance.  You can enter "N/A" into that box.  Under "Additional Notes" for non-patients, please enter whether you need Pfizer or Moderna and what dose (2nd dose, 3rd dose, etc).  

A few important things to consider before signing up:

 We have both Pfizer and Moderna Brands. If this is your child's second dose, it must be at least 3 weeks from the last dose for Pfizer brand, and 4 weeks from the last dose of the Moderna brand. 

For 6 months to 4 years old,  they need a 3rd dose of Pfizer, and it must be at least 8 weeks from their second dose. We also carry the booster doses for ages 5 and up.  This dose must be at least 5 months from their last dose.

Please also remember to bring your covid card with you to your appointment!

Here's some additional information that may answer some questions you may have:

Info on Covid vaccines for children under 5 years old

Covid Vaccine- What to expect

FAQs on Covid vaccines for babies

AAP Pediatricians Answer Questions on Covid Vaccines

Listen to Dr. Mac discuss Covid vaccine under 5- WJR Radio interview 6/20/22

vaccine stickers

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