Helpful Links

Symptom checker:

This is a great resource to get helpful information at home.  Hover over the "body part" of the cartoons to get some options to look up, or check the A-Z listing for the symptom you are concerned about.

General information:

General info for parents regarding milestones and concerns.  Check the "parents" tab for great information for yourself,  or the "kids" tab for TONS of great kid-friendly cartoon videos and information to explain their bodies!

Nemours Kid's Health

Healthy eating tips and recipes for kids:

Sometimes getting children involed in the plannng and cooking process of a meal will encourage them to try new foods.  Below are some "kid friendly" recipes that might make this process fun for your family!

Nemours Kids Health Recipes

For kids that are picky eaters:  If your doctor mentioned they are concerned they are not gaining weight appropriately, you can try some of the recipes below.  Using Pediasure or another calorie and nutrient dense drink can be very helpful in helping them gain weight.  

Pediasure Containing Recipes 

General tips for parents of a picky eater: Picky eating

Information for parents of newborns and toddlers (0-3 years old):  

Here you can browse information regarding your young child including diseases and conditions, safety information in the home, developmental milestones and immunization recommendations. 

CDC Infants and Toddlers General Info Page

CDC infant/toddler diseases and conditions

CDC safety in home and community

CDC Raising Healthy Children

CDC Milestones and Vaccine Info

Information for parents of children aged 4-11:  

Here you will find information about your child in the elementary years.  They do a lot of growing and changing during this time in their life and it can be exciting, but somtimes stressful for parents. We will review these changes during your well visits, but feel free to find some additional information here:

CDC 4-11 General Info page

CDC 4-11 Diseases and Conditions

CDC 4-11 Safety Information

CDC 4-11 Raising healthy Children

CDC 4-11 Milestones and Development

CDC 4-11 Engaging Parents in School Health


Information for parents of teens (12-19):

Welcome to adolescence! Below are some helpful links from the CDC about helping your tween and teen grow into a successful and confident adult:

CDC Teen General Info Page

CDC Teen Diseases and Conditions

CDC Teen Safety Information

CDC Teen- Raising healthy children

CDC Teen Risky Behaviors

CDC Teen Engaging Parents in School Health

CDC After Graduation

 Speech concerns:   

Here are a few great resources to review normal speech development and when to be concerned.  Discuss with your Kidology Doctor if you have concerns regarding your child's speech development.  There are also some helpful tools on these websites you can use at home to work with your child as well!

Mommy Speech Therapy

Kids Health Communication

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