Here at Kidology Pediatrics, we want all our patients to be fully vaccinated.  We know that vaccines are safe, and effective at preventing communicable diseases, and it is important for our community to protect ourselves to help protect others.  At this time, we will not be accepting patients who do not plan to vaccinate their children. 

We will be sure to go over any questions or concerns you have regarding vaccines at each appointment.  

We strongly recommend following the schedule recommended by the CDC as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics. Below is our routine schedule we follow for patients in our office: 

Kidology Vaccine Schedule

Although we know it is safe to use combination vaccines and follow the routine schedule, we also know that some parents feel nervous about following this plan. Because of this, we have adapted an "alternative schedule" which avoids the combination vaccines, but still will have your child up to date on vaccines in the most effecient time frame possible.   In our mind, it is most important to get your child vaccinated, and if you feel more comfortable using this alternative schedule, we are willing to work with you to get your child protected. 

Kidology Alternate Schedule

Please see some helpful links below regarding the schedule and some FAQs regarding vaccines. 

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Vaccines 101: too much too soon?

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Explains Vaccine Ingredients: Aluminum

CDC vaccine schedule

Vaccine Infomation sheets:

Below are the copies of the Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS) we have available for you to read in the office when you child gets a vaccine.  If you would like to review them prior to your appointment or again after the appointment, you can see them here.  


Influenza VIS

Hepatitis A VIS

Hepatitis B VIS

HIB (Haemophilus influenzae type B) VIS

HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) VIS

Meningococcal B (MenB) Vaccine VIS- (16 and 17 year well)

meningococcal ACWY VIS (11 and 16 year old)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) VIS (12 month well visit)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella VIS (MMRV) (4 year old)

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13) VIS

Polio VIS

Rotavirus VIS

Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis) VIS

Varicella (Chicken Pox) VIS

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